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Slizers Page history/Слизерс страница истории

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The Slizers/Throwbots: General Information
The Slizers/Throwbots were the beginning of a "united" LEGO Technic line that ended with Bionicle's separation from LEGO Technic. (Its closest descendant is LEGO Bionicle itself.) Without the Slizers/Throwbots, there would have been no RoboRiders, and there would have been no Bionicle.

The Slizers/Throwbots had no official storyline connection to Bionicle.

The Slizers/Throwbots
The Slizers/Throwbots resembled robots, each with at least one arm designed for throwing discs. All of them except Blaster and Millennium/Millennia were able to transform, without disassembly, into a compacted form to fit into their carrying cases. Most of them had throwing arms for shooting discs and some sort of special ability usually unrelated to their disc-throwing. Their storyline (as I interpreted it from LEGO.com), and other interpretations of it by various BZPower members, appear later in this post.

The Fire Slizer (8500)
Torch (8500)
Fire/Torch's torso is positioned upside-down relative to most other Slizers/Throwbots with the same torso shape. This means that his hips are nearer his head than his shoulders. His right arm is his throwing arm. His left arm ends in a hand that has the ability to shoot one or two streams of fire at a time.

The Ice Slizer (8501)
Ski (8501)
Ice/Ski is one of two Slizers/Throwbots that have smaller visors than the others (the other being Rock/Granite). He possesses skis on his feet for speed when travelling on ice and snow. His right arm ends in a ski pole. His left arm is his throwing arm.

The City Slizer (8502)
Turbo (8502)
City/Turbo's torso is positioned horizontally relative to most other Slizers/Throwbots with the same torso shape. The two sockets in his torso normally used for arms on other Slizers/Throwbots are used for extensions that end in wheels. The two sockets from his torso normally used for legs are used for two more extensions that the two other wheels attach on to, giving him speed on the ground. These extensions then curve around, ending in forward-pointing saw-like projections. It is uncertain if these projections are for decoration or defense. On his right side, near the back arm-like extensions, is a throwing arm. He is said to transform into a "high-performance jet" by LEGO.

The Sub Slizer (8503)
Scuba (8503)
Sub/Scuba has a yellow pipe connecting his head and his left arm. This is assumed to be a part of Sub/Scuba's underwater travelling gear. A small propeller extends from his back for speed while underwater. His right arm is his throwing arm. His left arm holds a harpoon gun. He transforms into a submersible.

The Judge Slizer (8504)
Jet (8504)
Judge/Jet is one of three Slizers/Throwbots that possesses a different type of torso than the others. Because of the way his head and legs are attached, he is the third tallest basic Slizer/Throwbot, after Millennium/Millennia and Blaster. Both his arms are throwing arms, giving him the ability to throw two discs at the same time. At least one of his throwing arms also has the ability to fire energy beams. He also has wings that flap when his head is moved in and out. Each wing also has a propeller at the end of it. He transforms into a "car" according to LEGO.

The Jungle Slizer
Amazon (8505)
Jungle/Amazon has a pole-like object extending up from his right leg socket. Its function is unknown. His right arm is his throwing arm. His left arm holds a machete to cut through obstacles.

The Rock Slizer (8506)
Granite (8506)
Rock/Granite is one of two Slizers/Throwbots that have smaller visors than the others (the other being Ice/Ski). His torso is similar to Judge/Jet's torso, but placed horizontally on its side. With his four short legs, he looks like a large arthropod. He has pickaxes that move whenever his short "tail" is moved in and out. On top of his torso is his throwing arm, which can make a green-coloured energy shield to protect himself from attack.

The Energy Slizer (8507)
Electro (8507)
Energy/Electro is shaped similar to Rock/Granite. He also has four short legs and a throwing arm on top of his torso, but is also similar to Judge/Jet in the way that he has wings (without propellers this time) that flap when his head is moved in and out. Energy/Electro is the only Slizer/Throwbot that possesses a transparent visor.

The Millennium Slizer (8520)
Millennia (8520)
[Despite the feminine North American name, this Slizer/Throwbot is referred to as "he" by LEGO.]
Millennium/Millennia has two forms, but changing forms requires manual disassembly and reconstruction.
In his primary form, Millennium/Millennia is the tallest Slizer/Throwbot. Extensions that have red lights attached to them extend from his golden head. Both his arms are throwing arms, which look small on his huge body. He has wing-like projections on his back, but their function is unknown. His upper legs are not very thick, but his lower legs and feet are significantly larger.
In his alternate form, Millennium/Millennia is a shorter Slizer/Throwbot with wing-like shoulder pads. Both his arms are throwing arms. His alternate form also consists of a seemingly non-living motorcycle resembling a modern motorcycle.

The Flare Slizer (8521)
Flare (8521)
Flare can be seen as a combination of Fire/Torch, Ice/Ski, and Millennium/Millennia. He has two large orange wings extending from his arm sockets and skis on his feet, giving him the ability of flight and speed on the ground. He can also shoot flares from his hands and feet. His throwing arm extends from his lower body like a tail.

The Spark Slizer (8522)
Spark (8522)
Spark can be seen as a modified form of Energy/Electro. He stands upright. His right arm ends in what is officially an "energy zapper". His left arm is his throwing arm.

The Blaster Slizer (8523)
Blaster (8523)
Blaster is the second tallest Slizer/Throwbot. His legs seem like minaturized versions of the legs of the Super Throwbots. He can carry a throwing disc in a "pouch" on his abdomen. He has wing-like projections near his head. His lower right arm splits into two throwing arms at the elbow. His left arm ends with a double-barrled projectile weapon (his blasters).

The following is a list of the Slizers/Throwbots' set numbers, identifying where they are in the 8500s line.

8500: Fire/Torch
8501: Ice/Ski
8502: City/Turbo
8503: Sub/Scuba
8504: Judge/Jet
8505: Jungle/Amazon
8506: Rock/Granite
8507: Energy/Electro
8508: Extra Discs
8509: Swamp (RoboRiders)
8510: Lava (RoboRiders)
8511: Frost (RoboRiders)
8512: Onyx (RoboRiders)
8513: Dust (RoboRiders)
8514: Power (RoboRiders)
8515: Extra Wheels (RoboRiders)
8516: The Boss (RoboRiders)
8517: -
8518: -
8519: -
8520: Millennium/Millennia
8521: Flare
8522: Spark
8523: Blaster
8524: -
8525: Bionicle Masks (Box) (Bionicle)
8526: -
8527: -
8528: -
8529: -
8530: Bionicle Masks (Bag) (Bionicle)
8531: Pohatu (Bionicle)

The Continents/Planets
The Slizers/Throwbots Continents (Universal)/Planets (North American) were where the Slizers/Throwbots lived.

Fire Continent
Torch Continent
Torch Planet
This Continent/Planet is composed of solid and molten volcanic rock. Many volcanoes are also present, spewing hot gases into the air. The Fire/Torch Continent/Planet is therefore the warmest of all of the Slizer/Throwbot Continents/Planets.
Known inhabitants include living molten rock and monsters completely composed of fire.

Ice Continent
Ski Continent
Ski Planet
This Continent/Planet is completely covered with snow and the occasional lake or river. Mountain ranges and ice caves are common. The Ice/Ski Continent/Planet is the coldest of all the Slizer/Throwbot Continents/Planets.
Known inhabitants include monsters completely composed of ice/snow.

City Continent
Turbo Continent
Turbo Planet
This Continent/Planet is mostly covered with modern and futuristic buildings and structures one may find in a large urban area. Skyscrapers and road bridges are common. The Continent/Planet contains business, industrial, and residential areas.
Known inhabitants include a large, living tanker truck and living, green industrial slime.

Sub Continent
Scuba Continent
Scuba Planet
This Continent/Planet is almost entirely covered with water. Below the surface, there are many canyons and hills.
Known inhabitants include aquatic plants, jellyfish, a plesiosaur-like animal, and sharks.

Judge Continent
Jet Continent
This Continent, which is also the smallest Continent, is mainly the stadium in which the Slizers/Throwbots compete. It looks like an urban industrial area, with large spaces resembling parking lots or helicopter pads. Metallic-looking pyramids are also seen in some images of the Continent. This continent is located at one of the points where the other seven Continents meet.
No confirmed natural inhabitants, but a strange net-like being made of energy (and looking like the fire monster from the Fire/Torch Continent/Planet) appears in one image.

Jet Planet
This Planet is a gaseous planet. It looks like an urban industrial area, with large spaces resembling parking lots or helicopter pads. Metallic-looking pyramids are also seen in some images of the Continent.
No confirmed natural inhabitants, but a strange net-like being made of energy (and looking like the fire monster from the Fire/Torch Continent/Planet) appears in one image.

Jungle Continent
Amazon Continent
Amazon Planet
This Continent/Planet is entirely covered with jungle and swamp. The plants can vary greatly in height, as the Continent/Planet is green wherever one may be. Many vines are also available for swinging from one place to another.
Known inhabitants include the many plants that grow on the Continent/Planet. Notable plants include a tree whose nicks and cracks on its trunk resemble a face (with red glow coming from the "eyes”) and a large carnivorous plant.

Rock Continent
Granite Continent
Granite Planet
This Continent/Planet is a rocky desert, very similar to Mars in appearance. There are occasional rivers of water and fluidic plasma.
Known inhabitants include a large skull-shaped rock with a red glow coming from its "eyes”.

Energy Continent
Electro Continent
Electro Planet
The frequency of lightning storms in this Continent/Planet make the sky and ground seem a purplish colour from a distance. Tornadoes also occasionally form.
Known inhabitants include a monster completely composed of electricity and a living tornado.

The Throwing Discs
Each Slizer/Throwbot has one to six throwing discs that match one of his colours. The discs depict the Slizer/Throwbot or their surroundings in some form, doing something. These pictures, especially those of the last four Slizers/Throwbots, can be confusing to interpret. On the left portion of the grey metallic picture frame is a wider frame section made up of eight lights, either green, yellow, or deactivated. However, Millennium/Millennia has nine lights on his single disc. It is unknown what these lights represent officially, but some members have said that they represent the discs' power levels.
Tahraau has theorized that if a disc becomes charged to its maximum power level of eight lights, the lights and the frame become yellow in colour, and that Millennium/Millennia has an additional light because he is the "ultimate” Slizer/Throwbot.

Most of the Slizers/Throwbots each have six discs depicting the following.

Two green lights
A large grey carving/cutout/symbol of their "element"/home. Behind the symbol is a scene of their home.

Fire/Torch: A carving of a flame, in front of a wall of fire.
Ice/Ski: A carving a snowflake, in front of a snow-covered landscape.
City/Turbo: A carving of a city skyline, in front of a city.
Sub/Scuba: A carving of a water droplet, underwater.
Judge/Jet: A carving of seven arrows pointing in different directions, in front of a yellow-and-black striped wall.
Jungle/Amazon: A carving of a leaf, in a jungle.
Rock/Granite: A carving of a mountain, in front of a desert landscape.
Energy/Electro: A carving of a lightning bolt, within a lightning storm.

Three green lights
The Slizer/Throwbot, in his usual habitat, is throwing a disc at the viewer of the picture.

Fire/Torch: Throwing a flaming disc, while walking in a lava lake.
Ice/Ski: Throwing a disc, while skiing downhill.
City/Turbo: Throwing a disc, while emerging from an underground sewer.
Sub/Scuba: Throwing a disc, while stepping forward, underwater.
Judge/Jet: Throwing two discs, while flying in space.
Jungle/Amazon: Throwing a disc, in a swamp.
Rock/Granite: Throwing a disc, while standing on the edge of a cliff.
Energy/Electro: Throwing a disc, while flying within a lightning storm.

Four green lights
The Slizer/Throwbot is travelling using his carrying case as a vehicle.

Fire/Torch: Escaping from small, living fire-comets shooting out of volcanic craters.
Ice/Ski: Travelling within an ice cave, breaking a column.
Sub/Scuba: Escaping into an underwater canyon to avoid a shark.
City/Turbo: Flying up towards the sky, after travelling beneath a bridge.
Judge/Jet: Travelling in space with at least five other carrying cases travelling in the background. The four carrying cases that are clearly shown are of Fire/Torch, Ice/Ski, Sub/Scuba, Jungle/Amazon, and Energy/Electro. An Earth-like planet is in the background, and the six Slizers/Throwbots are flying away from it.
Jungle/Amazon: Travelling through a swamp, snapping a vine.
Rock/Granite: Flying across the sky, breaking a tall rock formation.
Energy/Electro: Escaping from a monster composed of lightning.

Five green lights
The Slizer/Throwbot is using one or more of their special powers.

Fire/Torch: Making a canal for living lava using his Hand of Fire.
Ice/Ski: Skiing into an icy spike-trap.
City/Turbo: Jumping over a city wall, with spotlights searching behind him.
Sub/Scuba: Transformed, escaping from a whirlpool with two green tentacles sticking out.
Judge/Jet: Firing an energy beam at another Slizer/Throwbot from his right hand in a battle.
Jungle/Amazon: Swinging on a vine, chopping down a tree.
Rock/Granite: Producing an energy shield from his hand, protecting himself from an avalanche.
Energy/Electro: Electric power entering his body through his left eye.

Six green lights
The Slizer/Throwbot is battling a natural enemy of their home.

Fire/Torch: Meeting a monster entirely composed of fire emerging from a crater.
Ice/Ski: Escaping from an avalanche monster, as he skis off a cliff.
City/Turbo: Escaping from a large truck in a residential area.
Sub/Scuba: Fighting a large jellyfish underwater, with tentacles wrapped around his right arm and right leg.
Jungle/Amazon: Fighting something resembling a giant carnivorous plant within its mouth, its multiple tongues grabbing at him.
Rock/Granite: Meeting a large skull-shaped monster composed of rock, with red lights, possibly eyes, in its eye sockets.
Energy/Electro: A monster resembling a tornado composed of lightning is shocking him.

Seven green lights
What the Slizer/Throwbot tries to find to become more powerful.

Fire/Torch: Diamonds to increase the power of his Hand of Fire.
Ice/Ski: Ice crystals.
City/Turbo: Fuel to increase his speed.
Sub/Scuba: Pearls to help him breathe underwater. In the picture, the pearl is being held by a tentacle.
Rock/Granite: Plasma. In the picture, it is shown as a river of plasma at the base of cliffs.
Jungle/Amazon: Unknown. (Special tree sap?)
Energy/Electro: Atom-like object to help him absorb more energy from lightning storms.

As implied earlier, not all Slizer/Throwbots' discs follow the above pattern.

Two green lights

Flare: The asteroid heading towards Planet Slizer/the Throwbots Planet.

Three green lights

Spark: Throwing a disc towards the sky while firing white energy beams from his energy zapper in a slightly different direction, within a narrow canyon. Glow-in-the-dark white.

Four green lights

Spark: The asteroid impacting Planet Slizer/the Throwbots Planet.

Five green lights

Flare: Dive-bombing something that is exploding on the ground, with at least two other Flare-like Slizers/Throwbots flying in the same direction. Glow-in-the-dark white.

Six green lights

Judge/Jet: Holding a disc up, with a narrow energy beam shining down on the disc and expanding to surround Judge/Jet in what looks like a thin aura of energy.
Blaster: Walking on the ground, with what look like at least five other silhouettes of Blaster behind him. Yellow.

Seven green lights

Blaster: In order from left to right, Spark, Blaster, and Flare are emerging from the comet, which is in the background. Spark has a second energy zapper in place of his throwing arm. Black.

Eight yellow lights

Judge/Jet: A picture of Planet Slizer/the Throwbots Planet, with a white energy stream firing out from the Judge/Jet continent.
[According to the official Slizers/Throwbots website, this somehow depicts the substance Judge/Jet tries to find, which is a sort of radiation that powers him up. It is unknown what is really happening to the Judge/Jet continent in this picture. It has been speculated that the disc actually depicts what Judge/Jet really sought and eventually achieved: Control of Planet Slizer/the Throwbots Planet.]

Nine yellow lights

Millennium/Millennia: Throwing a disc at the viewer of the picture, in motorcycle form.

Source:Official Slizer Throwbots Topic


Slizers страница истории, Последнее редакцией PBworks 3 yrs назад Slizers/Throwbots: общие сведения Slizers/Throwbots были началом «единой» LEGO техника линию, которая завершилась БИОНИКЛ отделение от LEGO техник. (Его ближайший потомка является LEGO БИОНИКЛ, сам). Без Slizers/Throwbots там не было бы RoboRiders и там не было бы БИОНИКЛ.

Slizers/Throwbots не было официальных сюжет соединение БИОНИКЛ.

Slizers/Throwbots Slizers/Throwbots напоминало роботов, каждый из которых по крайней мере одну руку, предназначенные для бросали диски. Все они, за исключением Blaster и тысячелетия/тысячелетий смогли трансформировать, без разборки, в сжатой форме вписывается в их переноски дела. Большинство из них были бросали оружия для стрельбы диски и своего рода специальной способности обычно не связаны с их-метанию диска. Их сюжет (как я толковать его от LEGO.com), и другие толкования его членами различных BZPower, появляются позже в этой должности.

Огонь Slizer (8500) факел (8500) огонь/факел туловища, расположенных вверх дном отношению к большинству других Slizers/Throwbots с одной и той же фигуры туловища. Это означает, что его бедра, ближе его голову, чем его плечи. Правая рука является его бросал руку. Левой руке заканчивается в руке, которая способна стрелять одного или двух потоков пожара одновременно.

Slizer льдом (8501) лыж (8501) льда/лыж является одним из двух Slizers/Throwbots, которые имеют небольших козырьками, чем другие (другой рок/гранит). Он обладает лыжи на ноги для скорости, путешествуя по льду и снегу. Правая рука заканчивается в лыжных полюса. Левой руке является его бросал руку.

Город Slizer (8502) Turbo (8502) города/Turbo туловища позиционируется по горизонтали относительно большинства других Slizers/Throwbots с одной и той же фигуры туловища. Два разъема в его туловища, обычно используемые для оружия на другие Slizers/Throwbots используются для расширений, которые заканчиваются на колесах. Два разъема от его туловища, обычно используемые для ног используются для двух несколькими расширениями, придают двух других колес, давая ему скорость на местах. Эти расширения затем кривой вокруг, заканчивающийся в указывающей вперед пила как прогнозы. Неясно, если эти прогнозы для украшения или обороны. На его правой стороне, недалеко от обратно руку как расширения является бросал руку. Он утверждается превратить в «высокопроизводительные jet» от LEGO.

Sub Slizer (8503) подводное (8503) Sub/подводное имеет желтый труба, соединяющая его голову и левой руке. Это считается частью Sub/подводное подводного путешествия снастей. Небольшой винт простирается от его обратно для скорости во время подводного. Правая рука является его бросал руку. Левой руке держит пистолетом Гарпун. Он превращает в погружных.

Судья Slizer (8504) Jet (8504) судья/Jet является одним из трех Slizers/Throwbots, которое обладает другой тип туловища, чем другие. Из-за способа, прилагаются головы и ног, он является третьим высоких базовых Slizer/Throwbot, после тысячелетия/тысячелетий и Blaster. Обе руки бросали оружие, давая ему возможность бросить двух дисков одновременно. По крайней мере один из его бросали оружие также имеет возможность пожара лучевой энергии. Он также имеет крылья, что лоскут голову при перемещении внутри и вне. В каждом отделении также имеет винт в конце его. Он превращает в «автомобиль» по словам LEGO.

Джунгли Амазонки Slizer (8505) джунгли/Амазонка имеет объект Полюс как, простирается вверх от его правая нога сокета. Его функция неизвестна. Правая рука является его бросал руку. Левой руке держит мачете сократить через препятствия.

Рок Slizer (8506) Гранит (8506) рок/Гранит является одним из двух Slizers/Throwbots, которые имеют небольших козырьками, чем другие (другой льда/лыж). Его туловища аналогичен судья/Jet туловища, но горизонтально поместить на ее стороне. С четыре короткие ноги он выглядит как большой членистоногих. Он имеет кирки, что всякий раз, когда его короткий «хвост» перемещается внутри и вне. В верхней части его туловища является его бросал руку, которая может сделать зеленый цвет энергии щита, чтобы защитить себя от нападения.

Slizer энергии (8507) электро (8507) энергии/электро формируется аналогичны рок/Гранит. Он имеет четыре короткие ноги и бросал руку на верхней части своего туловища, но также похож на судью/Jet в том, что он имеет крылья (без винтов на этот раз), лоскут голову при перемещении внутри и вне. Энергии/электро-это только Slizer/Throwbot, которое обладает прозрачным козырьком.

Тысячелетия Slizer (8520) тысячелетий (8520) [Несмотря на имя женственной Северной Америки, этот Slizer/Throwbot именуется как «он», LEGO.]
Тысячелетия/тысячелетий имеет две формы, но изменения форм требуется ручная разборка и реконструкции.
В своей основной форме сформулированных в Декларации тысячелетия/тысячелетии является высоких Slizer/Throwbot. Расширений, которые имеют красные огни, подключенных к ним простираются от его Золотая голова. Обе руки бросали оружие, которые выглядят малых на его огромный тело. Он имеет крыло как прогнозы на спине, но их функции неизвестно. Верхняя ноги не очень толстые, но его более низких ног и ступней значительно крупнее.
В его альтернативные формы сформулированных в Декларации тысячелетия/тысячелетии является короче Slizer/Throwbot с крыла как плечо колодки. Обе руки бросали оружие. Его альтернативные формы также включает мотоцикле казалось бы неживых, напоминающие современные мотоцикла.

Ракета Slizer (8521) вспышки (8521) отблеска можно рассматривать как сочетание огня/факел, Ice/лыж и тысячелетия/тысячелетий. Он имеет два больших оранжевый крыла, простирающейся от его руку сокеты и лыжи на ноги, давая ему возможность полета и скорости на местах. Он также может стрелять бликов от руки и ноги. Его бросал руку простирается от его нижней части тела, как хвост.

Искра Slizer (8522) искр (8522) СПАРК может рассматриваться как изменение форма энергии/электро. Он стоит вертикально. Правая рука заканчивается Какова официально «заппер энергии». Левой руке является его бросал руку.

Slizer Blaster (8523) Blaster (8523) Blaster является вторым высоких Slizer/Throwbot. Ноги кажутся minaturized версий ножки супер Throwbots. Он может нести бросали диск в «чехле» на его животе. Он имеет крыло как прогнозы вблизи его голову. Нижняя правая рука разбивается на два бросали оружие на локте. Левой руке заканчивается с двойной barrled снаряда оружием (его пушки).

Ниже приводится список Throwbots Slizers набора номера, идентификации, где они находятся в строке 8500s.

8500: Огонь/факел 8501: Ice/лыж 8502: город/Turbo 8503: Sub/подводное 8504: судья/Jet 8505: джунглей/Амазонка 8506: рок/Гранит 8507: энергии/электро 8508: дополнительные диски 8509: болото (RoboRiders) 8510: Лава (RoboRiders) 8511: Мороз (RoboRiders) 8512: Оникс (RoboRiders) 8513: пыли (RoboRiders) 8514: питания (RoboRiders) 8515: дополнительные колеса (RoboRiders) 8516: босс (RoboRiders) 8517: - 8518: - 8519: - 8520: тысячелетия/тысячелетий 8521: отблеск 8522: Spark катушки: Blaster 8524: - 8525: БИОНИКЛ маски (Box) (БИОНИКЛ) 8526: - 8527: - 8528: - 8529: - 8530: БИОНИКЛ маски (сумка) (БИОНИКЛ) 8531: Pohatu (БИОНИКЛ)... континентах/планет Slizers/Throwbots континентах (универсальный) планет (Северная Америка) были, где жил Slizers/Throwbots.

Огонь континент факел континент факел планеты этот континент/Планета состоит из твердых и расплавленной вулканической породы. Многие вулканы также присутствуют, spewing горячих газов в атмосферу. Поэтому самым теплым всех континентах Slizer/Throwbot/планет огня/факел континент/Планета.
Известные жители включают жизни расплавленной породы и монстров, полностью состоящий из пожара.

Ледяной континент лыж континент лыж планеты этот континент/пла

Источник: http://bionicle.pbworks.com/w/page/9554155/Slizers
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